People often ask me what they have to be capable of surfingwise to join trainingsessions. My coaching is usefull once a surfer starts surfing the green part of the wave (not in the white water).

Coaching can envolve a single coaching session to full week packages, boat trips, competition training (before and during), Coaching sessions can be private or in small groups of 4-5 people. Groups for boat trips and destinations outside of Europe can be bigger to cut the costs (1O persons max).

I organize trips for various levels of surfing. The required experience depends on the location of the trip.

How does a standard coaching session look like?

  • We determine what you want to achieve during the coaching session.
  • Before paddeling out we make sure you understand the line up (were to paddle out? Shortest way to the peak? where to sit? which waves you want to take? Where can you come in after the session?…)and the possible dangers (currents? shallow places? close outs? crowds?…).
  • A standard coaching session always includes video analysis.
  • In the middle of the surf session we have a first look to some of your waves, so you can take the feedback into the second part of the session.
  • After the session we ananalyse all your footage (which you receive at theend).

Extra options:

  • I join you in the line up so you learn to understand the surfspot and read the wave. This will make you feel more comfortable , position yourself better, which will allow you to get more qualitative waves during the session.
  • Work on your technique on land by simulating surfing manouvres on a smoothstar skateboard.
  • Video Coaching: send me a video of your surfing and get the analyzed video back within 24hours.
  • I plan a surf trip at your request.



  • 1 – 3 surfers 70€/ hour includes 21% btw
    • Extra surfers + 15€ / person
  • Full morning 1-3 surfers 180€ includes 21% btw
  • Full day 1-3 surfers 360€ includes 21% btw
  • Prices for weekend/week/longer trips depends on the size of the group and the location of the trip.