My name is Lars Musschoot, I was born in Oostende (Belgium) but I was lucky that my dad moved to Fuerteventura on the Canary Islands in 1997. This is when my brother and I really got into surfing. Every school holiday was well spend on the north shore of Fuerteventura. Whenever there was a little wave at home in Belgium, we would  always be out there.  At age of 14 I started competing in national competitions, a couple of  years later I followed my brother, competing in the Pro Junior events in Europe.  From 2006 till  2012 I had the opportunity to focus on surfing full time and compete the European leg of the Wqs.

After 15 years of surfing and competing, my professional surfing career came to an end due to dropping sponsorsdeals.  My passion and stoke for surfing never dropped a bit, on the contrary! I discovered that I could get almost as much fulfillment out of passing along my knowledge and experience to other people wanting to improve their surfing.

What started as a few trainingweeks per year, now turned out as my full time self-employment.

As the waves in Belgium are very inconsistent, training sessions almost always envolve travelling. I started to organizing various coaching trips going from short weekend trips tracking a good forecast, to weektrips around Europe, as well as 10-14day trips to further destinations outside Europe. Coaching sessions at the Belgian coast, do occur but are rare and unpredictable.

At the moment I combine organizing my own coaching trips with working as head coach of the Belgian surfing federation. My work for the BSF envolves training and coaching Belgian young talented surfers before and during international competitions. My main goal is to get some Belgian kids on the top international level of surfing. Discovering a kid with great surfing potential, can get me superstoked and impatient to help developing this talent.

On the other hand, it makes me happy en enthousiastic to help every surfer, all levels, improve their surfing. That’s why I organize coaching trips for various levels